Fiber Wash

Fiber Wash


Handcrafted fiber wash for blocking of all fabrics. 

Scents include:

  • Earth: fresh forest floor - a robust dewy scent
  • Mint: herby peppermint - a love filled mix of mint and rosemary
  • Chai: spicy and sharp - warm and comforting
  • Cake: sweet orange, cinnamon, and vanilla - like your favorite frosting.

Instructions for use: mix about 1 tsp of fiber wash into a basin of warm water. Soak your knitted item for 20min. Gently press out extra liquid (no need to rinse!) and block as desired. 

Approximate volume: 8oz

Ingredients: soaponified coconut oil & essential oils

Packaged in a frosted glass jar with a cork top. Reuse the jar when your finished with your wash! 

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