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Meet the Maker: Amy

Meet the Maker: Amy

Hi everyone!

We're so happy you are visiting our site! Lisa and I love the fiber arts community because it has led us to make many wonderful connections with fellow artists. We have curated our shop with lovely products that we ourselves use and cherish, and are charmed that you all admire them as well. With that, we'd like to tell you a bit more about ourselves and I'm up first! :)

Name: Amy

Natural Dyer & Maker of shawl pins, indigo bags, crochet tools, macramé scissors and more! 

Rav id: amylbri

Instagram id: amylbri

When you started knitting/crochet: I started crocheting first in 2009 and would make weird amigurumi octopuses and teddy bears - my tastes have thankfully changed for the better! I still like making amigurumis, but nowadays I mostly knit hats and shawls.

Favorite thing about knitting: Knowing that I'm creating something both beautiful and useful. I enjoy giving knitted items as gifts because I believe a thoughtful, handmade item is an elegant way to show love.

Favorite project of 2017: It's difficult to choose one! I enjoyed designing the Silt Hat pattern, but really liked knitting my second Cabin on the Knik shawl, as well, with yarn I dyed myself. I also made a big chunky blanket with yarn that Lisa gave me for Christmas which was another fun knit! 

Knitting plans for 2018: I want to knit all the socks! I went through a fingering weight craze a few years ago which now makes up the majority of my stash. Ultimate goal for the year is to come up with my own sock pattern.

Any other crafts on the side? I enjoy all types of crafting, but fiber arts is my forte. Last year, I learned how to macramé and latch hook, both of which I plan to do more of this year. I've always wanted to learn embroidery and have too many beginner's kits stacked on my desk that I've bought in the past. Maybe I'll start one soon, though I've had my eye on a tabletop loom...

Adieu, friends!


Meet the Maker: Lisa

Meet the Maker: Lisa