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Meet the Maker: Lisa

Meet the Maker: Lisa

Hello friends!

I hope this transition out of winter and into spring is finding you well. We've been busy here at NKCo, putting big orders together & updating our stock. Amy's introduction blog went up a few months ago, and now it's my turn! 

Name: Lisa

Natural Dyer & Maker of project bags, tool kits, fiber wash, coil baskets, and more!

Rav id: lisatea

Instagram id: lisatea

When you started knitting/crochet: I first learned to knit in the 1st grade - my school teacher decided to teach her entire class to knit a pair of slippers for mother's day! Definitely an impressive feat, I give her major props for taking on that task 😂

After that, I knit on and off (mostly off) for years, until really picking it up again in college - where it became a passion. 

Favorite thing about knitting: I love knitting a pattern that is challenging and keeps me intrigued! Those easy & mindless knits have their place as well, but I love being mentally engaged in figuring out a pattern or technique. 

Knitting plans for 2018: I would love to knit or crochet a blanket! A monstrous task, but it would be so awesome. If not that, then a few more sweaters will do.

Any other crafts on the side? I enjoy so many crafts - sewing, clay & pottery, baking, macrame, diy salves and infused oils/vinegars. I go through phases, and right now it's all about knitting. But I have some summer plans to attempt my first quilt & start an indigo pot...maybe the two in combination...

Best to you! 

Meet the Maker: Amy

Meet the Maker: Amy