Our Patterns

We sought to design our patterns with classic taste and modern vibes. Much of the design focus is on textured knitting and visually appealing details.

You can find all of our patterns for download on Ravelry.

Locate each pattern directly by clicking the link under the photo. 

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Kaladi Shawl

Creamy and comforting, this shawl reminds us of one of our favorite things…coffee! It’s like a hopper full of espresso beans that you can wrap around your shoulders.

Whether you want a little macchiato or a big mug of slow pour, the Kaladi Shawl would look gorgeous in any size & is easily modifiable.


Susitna Tee

This tee is loose and comfortable, easily modified, and perfect for layering - with little hand-warmer pockets in case there comes a frost in the air.

The Susitna Tee is named after an iconic landmark in Anchorage, Alaska - the Sleeping Lady Mountain.

Silt 4.jpg

Silt Hat

Silt is a cozy & textured hat - named after the foot prints that a glacier leaves behind. It is a fun and interesting knit, featuring big textured diamonds and finishing off with a big poofy pom.

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Foraging Cap

This hearty little cap is structured, yet homey. It features bold cables and ribbing, making this a fun but classic knit.

It is easily customizable for taller sizing if you want a slouchy beanie. Best used while foraging for mushrooms or berries in the forest :)

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Butternut Cowl

This hazy golden cowl makes any chilly day a little bit cozier. Perfect for warmth against a cool ocean-side mist.

This cowl can be worn in a single loop or doubled up for extra coziness.  

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Cabin on the Knik Shawl

A classic shawl - simple, yet chic. It features faux cabling and textural stitches. 

It is the perfect beginner's shawl, as the pattern is very easy to read and follow.

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Homer Scarf

Named for the Alaskan town, this scarf is best for beach combing in the salty air along rocky shores.

The cables are reminiscent of wind drifting terns and little rivers left over from the tide, making their way back to the ocean.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 12.03.16 PM.png

Benson Hat

A cozy little hat with textured shadows of mountains and berries, to keep you toasty on chilly days.

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Knotted Burl Beanie

This beanie pays homage to the trees of the thick forest, that twist into knots in effort to distinguish themselves from the others.

The trees, and the cable in this hat, are simple & natural, yet unexpected.

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Mid May Cowl

This cowl is modeled after the waning snows at the end of winter. It features a crisp stitch, but is as soft as a new fawn’s belly.

It is knit flat, then seamed together at the end & includes a V shape neckline.


Pioneer Peak Mittens

These mitts are the perfect compliment to our Pioneer Peak Hat. The cable-work is simple and sophisticated, inspired by sharp mountain peaks.

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Pioneer Peak Hat

This hat is a crown of mountain ranges to top your dome. It is named after the prominent Pioneer Peak, just outside of Anchorage.